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President's Message

To begin, I would like to thank the people that responded to my last article on the shingle theft issue.  If there is anyone else that can help with this issue or can give us more information, please contact me. This will continue to be an ongoing battle we will have to fight.

Next, I hope to see everyone at the next luncheon on Thursday, May 11th; we have a great guest speaker that will be attending – Richard Bryan. I had the chance to talk to Richard a couple of weeks ago and I think we are in for a great luncheon. Be sure to sign-up… registration info can be found below.

Now, I want to talk to everyone about the NRCA “Regional Summit Event” I attended at the end of April.  I really enjoyed the meeting and everything about it.  If you did not attend, I think you missed a very insightful and educational day.  It was fun to talk with and meet other people in our profession and get a different prospective on things.

I’m very excited about NRCA’s new CEO, Reid Ribble, and the vision he has for the future of the NRCA.  I think with his background and knowledge he obtained while being on Capitol Hill, he is really going to help the NRCA navigate any initiatives through the house and senate with much greater success.  Next year, he said he will be calling on all the NRCA members to come to Washington, become one voice, and stand together as one association to help move some of our initiatives forward, as well as making the NRCA a stronger association in Washington.  He also mentioned that the roofing industry is one of the oldest professions around – everyone wants a roof or shelter over their head. He hopes for us all to come together and become one group/one voice in the upcoming years.

I have always been one of the NRCA roofing contractors that enjoys being a member for the education and benefits the association offers.  After this meeting, I have a new view on the NRCA and what it can offer to RTP Roofing Co. and the whole Roofing Industry.

At the event, we also got to hear from Mark Graham, NRCA’s vice president of technical services, and Stephen Phillips, NRCA and NRLRC legal counsel. Being members of the CRA, we get the chance to have Mark and Stephen come once a year to talk to the association, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone how valuable these two men are to the NRCA and our Industry! Thanks to both of you for your dedication to our profession.

We also got the privilege of having Amy Staska, vice president of education with the NRCA, talk to the group.  I enjoyed what she had to say during the Regional Summit and was excited about her speech.  The NRCA is in the process of rolling out a complete Educational Certification Training University Program.  It will have training and certifications for steep slopes and low slopes as well as an honorary designation, with the option to become a Master Installer.  The certificates will stay with the student that earned it and there will be continuing education required associated with each certification.

There is so much more to this program that I haven’t mentioned.  It will continue to be a work in progress as they move forward and work out all the details; I know they will have more information for us in the upcoming year.  What’s so exciting about the program is that it will give us all the opportunity to promote our industry to potential employees and give them a place to be trained and earn a certification.  I think of the program as being like a trade school similar to plumbers and electricians.

I have mentioned this before in past articles, but I think it needs to be said again; we need to be proud to call ourselves Roofers and we need to show young people that there is a road map and a future in our industry. Like many of you out there, myself included, from the first time I tore off a roof or put down a shingle, I could have never imagined that in the future this professional could give so much to my family and me.  We need to try and show our young people that this profession can provide for them.

To close, I want to say to members of the CRA, or anyone out there, if you are not a member of the NRCA, I would highly recommend you join and help support our industry on the national level.  Let’s help support our new CEO, the whole NRCA staff, and all the programs they are working on.  After attending our meeting and listening to everyone that day, I truly believe the NRCA staff wants to help us all succeed.


Ray Phillips
RTP Roofing Company
CRA President
Email Ray

THANK YOU to our 2017 Sponsors!

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2017 COLORADO LEGISLATION UPDATE – May 10, 2017 is the last day of Colorado’s legislative session.  With just a few days left, and granting any unforeseen changes, this is how all the bills we have been watching or taking action on turned out.


SB17-156 | Dead | ‘Concerning prerequisites to the authority of a unit owners’ association to pursue resolution of disputes involving construction defects.’ No movement – Dead.

SB17-45 | Dead | ‘Concerning a requirement for equitable allocation of the costs of defending a construction defect claim.’  No movement – Dead.

HB17-1279 | PASSED House & Senate | ‘Concerning the requirement that a unit owners’ association obtain approval through a vote of unit owners before filing a construction defect action.’ Sponsors include Representatives Garnett (D-Denver), and Saine (R-Firestone) and Senators Tate (R-Centennial) and Guzman (D-Denver).  A compromise bill requiring that before the executive board of a homeowners’ association (HOA) in a common interest community brings suit against a developer or builder on behalf of unit owners, the board must: 1) Notify all unit owners and the developer or builder against whom the lawsuit is being considered; 2) Call a meeting at which the executive board and the developer or builder will have an opportunity to present relevant facts and arguments and; 3) Obtain the approval of a majority of the unit owners after giving them detailed disclosures about the lawsuit and its potential costs and benefits.  The bill had passed both the House and Senate and is heading to the Governor’s desk for signature.


SB17-204 | Dead | Improper Denial of Property & Casualty Claims.  No movement – Dead.

HB17-1119 | Dead | Payment of Workers’ Compensation Benefits.  No movement – Dead.

HB17-1021 | PASSED INTO LAW 4-13-17 | Wage Theft Transparency Act – Concerning an employer’s violation of wage laws.  Sponsored by Speaker Pro Tem Jessie Danielson, D-Wheat Ridge and Sen. John Cooke, R-Greeley.  Colorado’s wage law will now treat information about an employer’s violation of wage law as a public record that may be released to the public upon an open records request. The information may include any notice of citation or notice of assessment issued to an employer for a wage violation following exhaustion of all remedies, unless the information involves a trade secret. Before releasing the information, the Director of the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics will notify the employer of the potential release of the information. The employer then has 20 days to provide the Director with documentation demonstrating that the information is a trade secret. If the Director determines that the information, or any part of it, is a trade secret, it will be treated as confidential and will not be released. For purposes of this designation, a “trade secret” has the same meaning as set forth in Colorado’s Uniform Trade Secret Act, C.R.S. § 7-74-102(4). Governor Hickenlooper signed this bill into law on April 13, 2017.

And, on the Federal Level…

Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 | Urge Colorado Senators Bennet & Gardner to Support the Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA). This legislation will reduce regulatory burdens on employers by reforming the federal regulatory process, which has not been updated in more than 70 years. RAA passage will rein in agency abuse and minimize burdensome regulations. It will provide relief to businesses by reversing the trend of constantly increasing regulatory burdens.  ‎Click here to contact Sen. Cory Gardner |  Click here to contact ‎Sen. Michael Bennet

Feel free to reach out to us anytime during the rest of the year on issues you feel would be beneficial and/or detrimental to the membership or roofing industry as a whole.

Jeff Johnston
The Roofing Company
CRA Gov’t Relations Chair
Email Jeff


LEARN TO LEAD: GUARANTEED TO SUCCEED | MEMBERSHIP LUNCH | THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017 – Presented by Richard J. Bryan, Author, Keynote Speaker.  Richard J. Bryan led his $120 million business to great success applying the lessons he learned from his mentor, Frank.  Richard took the reins of a 100-year-old, $120 million, family owned, car and truck dealership after his father was forced to retire suddenly.  That alone was a challenge.  Worse, the business was losing $3.5 million a year and there was no plan.  After a difficult start and many mistakes Richard hired business mentor, Frank.  With Frank’s help Richard clearly defined his role as a leader, forged a team of trusted A-Players and learned the vital art of succession planning.  He ultimately helped the business survive and then thrive in a highly competitive industry. Today, he shares these simple yet life changing lessons and EMPOWERS leaders to create their own culture of achievement for increased business success. Take your lunchtime – bring your coworkers – and LEARN to DEFINE your leadership role and leverage your unique talents to focus on what only you can accomplish for your company. You will be given the knowledge to help CREATE a compelling vision that INSPIRES organization-wide action, to CULTIVATE a team of TRUSTED A-Players, LEARN to hire people with future leadership potential and to RETAIN A-Players by having fun and celebrating.

Thursday, May 11, 2017
The Denver Mart – Forum Meeting Room #1
451 E. 58th Ave (I-25 & 58th Ave)
11:30 a.m.

Sponsored by: DJS Enterprises

Free: First 2 Members from Same Company | $20: 3 or more Members from Same Company | $40: All Non-Members  | Member CIU’s = 2 per person


REMINDER – Be sure to take advantage of the CRA SPEAKERS and PROGRAMS. These seminars are an inexpensive and quick way to invest in yourself and your TEAM. You and your TEAM don’t want to miss the opportunity to gain valuable tools and tips for yourself and your company!

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CRA GOLF TOURNAMENT | MARK YOUR CALENDARS! | FRIDAY, AUGUST 18, 2017. – Join us for the 35th Annual CRA Golf Tournament to be held at West Woods Golf Club at 6655 Quaker Street in Arvada, CO. The Golf Committee will be meeting in the next few weeks to finalize the details and get the registration information out to all of you.  West Woods is expanding their clubhouse and replacing their irrigation lines this summer.  You should not see a difference out on the course as far as playing a fun 18-holes, but we will all have to work together on the logistics of parking, lunch and moving around the construction zone.  In the meantime, the committee will get started planning and you just need to keep an eye on your inbox for tournament details and registration form – we should have the information out by the end of the month!



The following city and/or counties have made updates this past month. Please log-in to the Code Guidelines to see their updates.

AURORA – Aurora has an updated website and roofing handout.

CASTLE ROCK – The Building Code contact has been updated.

# # #

Have you heard of any upcoming building code changes with any of the municipalities you work with? Please share them with us by emailing the BC&S Committee via Debbie at

The CRA Building Code & Standards Committee is tasked to represent our members in code, inspection and enforcement issues related to the roofing industry and to facilitate improved communication between the roofing industry and Colorado Building Departments and Code Officials. Through the Code Guidelines on the CRA Website and in this monthly column, committee members share Building Department news and updates.


BIG WELCOME to Our New Members(s). Cornelius Adjusting, 2632 Quitman St, Denver, CO 80212, Ph: 303-242-1508 (Claims Adjuster); EagleView Technologies, 3700 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell, WA 98021, Ph: 503-510-3726 (Trade Service – Technology) and RJI Professionals, Inc., 13551 W. 43rd Dr, Unit Q. Golden, CO 80403 Ph: 303-271-0100 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res).

# # #

Western Roofing Expo 2017 | June 11-13 • Paris Las Vegas – YOU NEED TO BE THERE!– Premier regional roofing and waterproofing event in the WESTERN United States, the Western Roofing Expo 2017 features a two-day trade show, 17 educational seminars, two keynote luncheons, The Roofing Games™, golf and sporting clays tournaments, an amazing welcome party & lively-silent auction, unbeatable networking, and live product demonstrations starting every hour on the trade show floor! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

PR/Marketing Committee Update – The CRA PR Committee is excited to kick off our Summer “Select a Trusted Colorado Roofer” campaign. One of CRA’s main goals is to Educate individuals and building owners on roofing in Colorado.  From May through October, the CRA is running ads in several HOA newsletters and our continued Facebook marketing campaign urging Colorado home and building owners to take the appropriate steps in selecting a trusted roofing contractor, especially in the event of hail or storm damage.  Learn more at our campaign landing page here. Other campaign highlights include:

  •  – forwards to our main website  Here they will find additional consumer tips and information to help educate themselves on getting a new roof along with a search engine (and alpha list) to locate and contact a CRA member contractor near them.
  • Be sure to share use and share the Consumer Roofing Checklist.  
  • Coming Soon – an interactive White Board Video & Guide to Understanding Hail & Filing a Roof Insurance Claim.  Many homeowners don’t know how to file a claim or understand the terms and process, etc.  For this reason, we will be working on developing a helpful video that will walk them through the process.  We hope to have this completed by June 15 or sooner.
  • Like CRA on Facebook and share our “Storm Damage” ad.


Online Enrollment now open for the following training courses.  Space is limited in all classes so be sure to sign up now!

  • May 11-12, 2017 – METAL ROOFING: 2-day course will to expose students to working with different types of metal, issues to consider and learning proper techniques. Class is intended for students who have background in roofing and/or for installers who have not yet worked with sheet metal. REGISTER NOW.
  • May 18-19, 2017 – TPO/EPDM:  2-day course intended for installers who are newer to the industry who are seeking in depth knowledge of TPO and EPDM systems as well as learning proper installation methods for membranes and flashings.  REGISTER NOW.

# # #

FACILITY RENTAL AVAILABLE – We just want to remind all of you that CRA’s Training Center is available for your next employee/installer training, certification class or product demonstration. Whether you need to teach a new installation technique, train a new crew or showcase a new product, CRA’s training space offers you a ‘roofer friendly’ indoor environment with class space for up to 30 individuals.

The CRA Training Center is located at 1660 Jasper Street, Unit I in Aurora, CO and is designed specifically for roofers and roofing applications. The space can be used for all types of steep and low slope materials and roofing systems. We are ‘application friendly’ and there is no need for you to travel from a seminar room to the parking lot. You will be required to sign a rental agreement.  Contact Debbie Hathorne for more information/details.


PLEASE SUPPORT NATIONAL SAFETY STAND-DOWN WEEK | MAY 8-12, 2017 | LET’S JOIN TOGETHER, “TAKE A STAND,” AND GET INFORMED TO PREVENT ANY FUTURE FALLS FROM HAPPENING! – CRA is proud to participate with OSHA and many others across the country in the roofing and construction industries to promote and recognize the National Safety Stand-Down on May 8-12 and to remember the lives lost. Here in Colorado we have lost a roofer in both 2015 and 2016 dues to a fall from a roof.  One from a commercial project and the other as a result of a residential roofing fall.  Please get informed to prevent any future falls!!

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event where employers talk directly to employees about safety. Companies can conduct a Safety Stand-Down by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity. Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 350 of the 937 construction fatalities recorded in 2015 (BLS data). Those deaths were preventable and the National Fall Prevention Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.

Managers are encouraged to plan a stand-down that works best for their workplace anytime during May 8-12, 2017.  Our hope is that you will take a break each day or at least once during the week to have a safety toolbox talk on fall prevention or to conduct another safety activity (i.e. develop a rescue plan, inspect equipment or discuss a specific job hazard).  Click here for more information and a list of Stand Down Resources.  

# # #

Nevada cites employer for exposing workers to fall hazards – The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited Clay Davis in Carson City for exposing workers to fall hazards. Nevada OSHA inspectors concluded that the company failed to provide proper fall protection for two employees working on a low slope roof 10 feet above a lower level. The violations included failure to provide guardrails, safety nets, personal fall arrest equipment, as well as warning line and safety monitoring systems. The company was previously cited for violations of this standard in 2015 and 2016.

# # #

A Washington state roofing company faces $645,000 in fines over several safety violations that exposed workers to potential falls. American 1st Roofing & Builders faces $645,000 in fines over several safety violations that exposed workers to potential falls.  They were cited for 21 violations during four separate state inspections. Washington State Department of Labor and Industries spokeswoman Elaine Fischer says one worker was spotted on the roof of a three-story home wearing a safety harness that wasn’t connected to an anchor point. In three other inspections, the state says it discovered multiple employees without proper safety equipment.  Other violations included America 1st not having an accident prevention program and not having someone knowledgeable of first-aid training at a worksite.  The Mukilteo-based company has filed an appeal.



National Update:  Roofing contractors throughout the U.S. report brisk sales and encouraging outlooks for the overall roofing climate. Optimism abounds.  Unfortunately, things are a little less encouraging in Washington, D.C. President Trump has completed his first 100 days with little to show for it. However, not everything was bad from the roofing industry perspective. Trump has kept promises relating to the regulatory environment and is well on his way to becoming one of the most transformational presidents in our lifetime by reshaping how the government regulates business. This is good news for business and construction in particular.  Yet tax reform seems to be on hold for now. Reforms to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were proposed that significantly would have changed the budget base line Congress needs to reform the tax code. Without reforming the ACA, legislators will need to find another $800 billion to save somewhere else. This makes tax reform much more difficult especially given that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wants to use a parliamentarian maneuver called budget reconciliation to accomplish tax reform. This process allows Congress to move legislation through the U.S. Senate with only a simple majority vote. Usually, the Senate rules require 60 votes to pass legislation. If reconciliation is used for tax reform, under current rules, the legislation must be revenue-neutral. Therefore, the $800 billion matters and adds a significant roadblock without it.

On the immigration front, there is no good news to report. Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions continue with stricter enforcement of current law and a series of Executive Orders that only will serve to make real reform more difficult. A primary concern is their rhetoric will box them in when Congress attempts to fix our immigration system via actual legislation. Anti-immigration reform forces in Congress feel empowered by the president’s and (even more so) Sessions’ language.

But there is reason to celebrate small victories. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has delayed enforcement of its crystalline silica standard to Sept. 23 rather than June 23. The agency determined additional guidance is necessary because of the unique nature of the requirements. NRCA’s advice is to continue to take steps either to come into compliance with the new permissible exposure limit or implement specific dust controls for certain operations as provided in Table 1 of the standard. You also should continue to prepare to implement the standard’s other requirements, including exposure assessment, medical surveillance and employee training. In the meantime, NRCA continues to collect data regarding worker exposure to silica. Contact Harry Dietz ( at the office for more details or if you have data or information to share.

During the past month or so, Reid Ribble has had the opportunity to speak at many roofing industry events including a regional summit in Colorado in April. His primary message is simple: If we wish to effect change in our government, the insurance industry, building code bodies and, quite frankly, the competition for workers, we are more likely to be successful when we speak and move forward with ‘one voice.’  Having one voice is vital to our success in Washington, D.C.  In many cases, members of Congress are not even aware of what roadblocks and obstacles they put in the way of you and your company. If you would like to learn more about the One Voice initiative, contact Reid Ribble at, Alison LaValley ( or Carl Good ( at the office.

Mark your calendars for National Roofing Week (June 4-10). Its mission is to increase awareness across the U.S. about the significance of roofs to every home and business and share the good deeds of the industry. National Roofing Week also promotes the importance of hiring a professional roofing contractor and making informed decisions about maintaining or replacing any roof system.  To learn more or to get involved go to:

The National Roofing Legal Resource Center (NRLRC) has released the sixth volume of formal legal contract provisions in an easy-to-use format you can insert directly into your contracts. Written by lawyers, the contract provisions come with plain-language explanations and include 20 key issues, such as waiving the right to file a lien on a project; disclaimer of liabilities clause; pollution insurance coverage; cash flow and retainage; insurance requirements for subcontractors; and release of withheld payments. NRCA contractor members enjoy free access to a variety of NRLRC resources, including free electronic copies of the contract provisions. Log into for more information.  Also, don’t forget to register for the 38th annual NRLRC seminar. This year, it will be held in Colorado Springs, Colo., at the Broadmoor Sept. 7- 9. Space fills up quickly, so don’t miss out. Contact Anne Schroeder ( or Alison LaValley ( for details.


This month’s highlighted member benefits and tools. 

Start Marketing Your CRA Membership to Consumers!  A beneficial marketing tool for you to use in promoting your CRA membership to customers. Just click on the link, print as many as you need and start using in your sales packets and presentations right away.

Concerning Ladder Liability.  Help us in educating consumers and concerned citizens about the liability and risks involved with unattended ladders set for inspectors.

CRA Safety Group Workers’ Comp Program.  Receive a 4%-upfront discount, group or individual loss history dividend calculation and much, much more. Members of the program automatically belong to the CRA Safety Group whose focus is on continuing safety education and training and improving safety in the roofing community. In partnership with Moody Insurance Agency and Pinnacol Assurance. Call Kim Burkhardt. at 303-824-6600 to receive additional information regarding this program. 

CRA Dental Program.  CRA program offers a choice of competitive dental plan through Delta Dental. Brought to you in partnership with Employee Benefit Designs. Contact Jerry Ressatar for more information at 303-220-8209. Smartphone App.  Receive 5%-member discount and 30-day free trial. This tool provides a mobile time sheet app that helps your employees more accurately track their time, report their location and record the projects they are working on all while saving your company money! Call Pete Scifo at 303-717-8113.

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