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President's Message

Well, Summer is off with a bang. It went from a wet monsoon looking summer to a heat wave. My guys were complaining last week about the heat in the mountains, which got up to a blistering 83 degrees. I said “Really? Let me get some work in the city. It’s only 95 degrees down there.” They didn’t complain anymore after that.

As for roofing, my topic is roofers that are working under the radar. They’re the ones paying cash, working without General Liability Insurance or Worker’s Compensation Insurance, or they have insurance that they only run a small portion of their employees through so they can maintain an insurance certificate to keep getting work. Everyone has these types of contractors in their backyards.

After speaking to several Pinnacle auditors in the last few months, they have told me war stories about audits where the contractor has delivered boxes of unorganized bookkeeping. The audit takes three times as long as it should and each case has shown significant premiums that were never paid. These were typically in the $200,000.00 to $500,000.00 range. As soon as the contractor receives the bill, they disappear like a whisper in the wind. The loss of income and revenue to the State of Colorado and to Pinnacle is staggering. It has become an epidemic that must be stopped.

Now, begs the question, “What can we do about it?” First, we need to start up the conversation about licensing for the State. I am ready to lead this battle once again! The most current motion we can take is to get behind Governor Hickenlooper’s new creation, which is a Task Force that will coordinate with several State agencies to share information and improve investigation processes around alleged Misclassification and Tax Fraud.

The Governor said ‘Payroll fraud and misclassification cost Colorado workers an estimated $750 million annually, “significantly stunting Colorado’s tax revenue and draining resources for school, public health, and community projects. … Corrupt contractors either intentionally misclassify employees as 1099 subcontractors or, more often, pay them off books.”

‘The seven-member task force will include representatives from the governor’s office, the departments of Labor and Employment, Revenue, Regulatory Agencies, and Personnel and Administration. It will also have members representing the carpenters’ union and the Associated Contractors of Colorado.’

See the Legislative Update section below for more information and a link to Hickenlooper’s Executive Order creating the task force.

To summarize, I feel the CRA should get behind the Governor’s charge on this problem and then begin the conversations on a Legislative Licensing Program for all Roofers in this State. Thank you and let me know your thoughts.

Jeff Johnston
The Roofing Company
CRA President
Email Jeff


THANK YOU to our 2018 Sponsors!

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CRA GOLF TOURNAMENT | MARK YOUR CALENDARS! | FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2018. – Join us for the 36th Annual CRA Golf Tournament to be held at West Woods Golf Club at 6655 Quaker Street in Arvada, CO. We are once again planning an event that’s sure to offer you a fun and competitive round of golf with friends and roofing associates alike! West Woods expanded their clubhouse and replaced their irrigation lines last summer – we are excited to see the final changes.

Tournament highlights include: 18 Holes – scramble format, golf cart, range balls, bag handling, goodie bag, breakfast burritos, lunch, awards & raffle ceremony.  Your player fee also includes the following contests: hole-in-one prize, closest to the pin (men and women), longest drive (men and women), ball-in-the-circle, chipping contest and dice roll challenge.

SIGN UP TODAY!  We will max the tournament at 216 players. All reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.  Early Bird Prices End July 15, 2018 (payment and registration must be received by this date to receive discount – no exceptions).

Click here for tournament information, registration link, sponsor information, etc.

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Click here to view the full 2018 Event Calendar – calendar includes additional event dates, member luncheons, pinpoint seminars, Training Center courses, etc.


PR/MARKETING COMMITTEE UPDATE – The CRA PR Committee continues to fine tune our Summer “Select a Trusted Colorado Roofer” campaign.  This summer you can find our advertising here:

Pinterest, YouTube, The Denver Post, Weather.com, Instagram, Facebook and Google Adwords

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Want to include CRA in your marketing efforts?  We’re grateful to have you as a member of our association and we’d love to help increase not only our digital footprint, but yours too! Here are several tools the PR Committee has made available:

  • MEMBER MARKETING – CRA has created a Member Marketing Tools page on our website.  Help us spread awareness about what the CRA and its members are doing to improve the roofing industry.  We want you to submit a guest blog, press release, recent project or photos to be included in the CRA blog and social media marketing and advertising.   Check out the marketing tools page for more details.
  • PROUD MEMBER POST | Win $100 Gift Card – We are conducting a monthly promotion to encourage all our members to share & tag our posts. Cross promotion helps both our digital footprints. Promote your membership by sharing the following “Proud Member” post on your social media platforms and tag the Colorado Roofing Association (Facebook @ColoradoRoofingAssociation & Instagram @ColoradoRoofing) using #ProudCRAMember and you will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card.  Be make sure your posts are public and searchable. We will select one winner each month.

CRA_FriendlyReminderResidential Roofing Law | CRA’s ‘Trusted Colorado Roofers’ Webpage –  We have seen damaging hail from north of Ft. Collins all the way down to Pueblo and out  in Eastern Colorado so far this year.  Consumers are finding CRA’s website and looking for helpful tips and information.  When consumers come to our website looking for ‘Trusted Colorado Roofers’, we want them to know that when they select a Colorado Roofing Association Member to install their roof that they are getting a company that is local, has been in business in Colorado for at least two years, have current General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage, are knowledgeable in roof applications and local building codes, care about the safety of their workers and abide by all the rules set forth in our Code of Ethics.

Our promise to consumers when they come to our website for information and help is that we have already done some of their homework for them and they can trust any one of our members to be an ethically run Colorado roofing business.  We all want a better image for the roofing industry and with your continued membership and commitment to the higher standards set by our association, we hope to continue to improve that image a step at a time.

CRA Legislative Committee Purpose: “Monitor legislative issues at the state, local and national level along with public policy processes and municipal & county policy issues of importance to the roofing industry and our membership.”

We have a couple updates to share with you this month.


  • Ballot Initiative No. 66 | State of Colorado | Growth Initiative DEAD – Colorado anti-growth campaigner says he’s giving up on Initiative 66.  Click here for more information.
  • Gov. Hickenlooper signs executive order to improve payroll and worker classification in CO construction industry –  Gov. Hickenlooper signed an executive order setting up an enforcement task force that will coordinate with several state agencies to share information and improve investigation processes around alleged misclassification and tax fraud in the construction industry. The task force is expected to submit a report by Nov. 30, and on that same date for the next two years, which will include proposals for regulatory or legislative improvements. The task force also is charged with reporting on employers who commit labor and payroll violations in the construction industry and to help assist workers claim wages and other payments.

Click to view copy of executive order.

Click to view an informative article from Colorado Politics

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or hear of other legislation in the pipeline.

Jeff Johnston
The Roofing Company
CRA Gov’t Relations Chair
Email Jeff



The following city and/or counties have made updates this past month.   Please log-in to the Code Guidelines to see their updates.

No city/county updates to report this month.

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DENVER | Green Roof Ordinance Modification Update – The Green Roof Review Task force met one final time on June 7th.  As of this newsletter publishing date, we have not seen the final draft proposal that was voted on and is to be sent to Denver’s City Council at the end of June.  The task force is trying to build flexibility into the new ordinance; adding other roofing products in addition to green (vegetative) roofs.  Solar is already an option in the ordinance, but now they are looking at other cool roof options.  The goal is to add flexibility and choices while meeting Denver’s sustainability goal of reducing the heat island effect in Denver. This is just a brief overview.  As soon as we get the final draft and are able to review it, we will send an update to the membership via email.  In the meantime, you can continue to check Denver’s Green roof webpage for any updates at the link below.

GREEN ROOF PAGE ON DENVER’S WEBSITE: https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-development-services/commercial-projects/green-roof-initiative.html

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Have you heard of any upcoming building code changes with any of the municipalities you work with? Please share them with us by emailing the BC&S Committee via Debbie at debbie@coloradoroofing.org.

The CRA Building Code & Standards Committee is tasked to represent our members in code, inspection and enforcement issues related to the roofing industry and to facilitate improved communication between the roofing industry and Colorado Building Departments and Code Officials. Through the Code Guidelines on the CRA Website and in this monthly column, committee members share Building Department news and updates.

ItemsofNoteWELCOME 2 New Members(s)… R&R Roofing & Siding, 60752 US Highway 285, Bailey, CO 80421 Ph: 303-838-8126 (Roofing Contractor –  Comm/Res) and Flatiron Steel, 11500 21st Street, Greeley CO 80634, Ph: 970-893-1113 (Manufacturer; Material Supplier).

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MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE | VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – The Membership Committee works to increase our membership and retain current members. The committee reviews current membership applications and does an annual review of the membership requirements, ethics policy, etc. Do you know other companies that might benefit from what the CRA offers? Be an ambassador for the CRA and spread the word about what CRA is doing for you!  Contact Debbie at CRA  if you would like to be a part of this committee.


SILICA RULE | EFFECTIVE JUNE 23, 2018 | READY, SET: NEW SILICA STANDARDS ARE ALMOST A GO – Implementation of the new standards for respirable crystalline silica for general industry is just around the corner. Need a refresher as that date approaches? Here’s a review of what they are, how they came about and how your company can stay in compliance.

Issuing a new set of rules – The OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for General Industry will take effect June 23, 2018. Rules governing the construction industry were implemented last September. OSHA issued the new standards based on more recent research into the dangers of silica. The aim: to protect the health of employees by limiting exposure and putting new safety measures into action.

Respirable crystalline silica: a serious health hazard – Silica is a mineral found in stone and sand. A fine dust called respirable crystalline silica is produced when employees drill, grind, blast or cut these materials. The people performing these tasks may inhale the harmful particles, which settle in their lungs.

Employees exposed to crystalline silica are at increased risk of developing silicosis, an incurable and sometimes disabling or fatal lung disease. Respirable crystalline silica has also been linked to lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and kidney disease.

OSHA says the new guidelines could prevent some 1,600 people a year from developing silicosis and save almost 700 lives annually.

What do the guidelines mean for your company? – The new rules will affect some 295,000 general industry employees across 30 sectors. Activities that produce respirable crystalline silica include abrasive blasting with sand or coal slag; manufacturing natural and engineered stone countertops, brick, concrete block, artificial stone and ceramic products; precast concrete operations; foundry work; and operations that employ sand.

The OSHA guidelines are extensive and can be difficult to process. You can refer to this fact sheet for more straightforward explanations.

Here’s a summary of the standards’ key requirements for your business:

  • Evaluate employee exposure to respirable crystalline silica over an eight-hour day.
  • Protect employees from respirable crystalline silica exposures over the permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 50 μg/m³, averaged over eight hours.
  • Implement safer techniques and dust controls to reduce silica exposure.
  • Provide employees with respirators when controls are not effective in reducing employee exposure below the PEL.
  • Restrict employee access to areas where they may be exposed to respirable crystalline silica above the PEL.
  • Prohibit the use of housekeeping methods that create airborne silica dust, such as dry sweeping and brushing and using compressed air, if feasible. Use methods such as wet sweeping or HEPA-filtered vacuums to remove dust instead.
  • Write an exposure control plan.
  • Offer medical examinations every three years to workers at or over the action level for at least 30 days a year. Keep records of the results of those medical examinations and employee exposure assessments.
  • Train employees on work operations that result in exposure to crystalline silica and control methods that should be used to reduce exposure.

Many businesses in the industry are still working toward compliance. You may have concerns about whether your company is ready for these rules and what other steps you should take.  Pinnacol’s industrial hygienists can assist policyholders in evaluating respirable crystalline silica exposure at your worksite. Contact Pinnacol at safetyoncall@pinnacol.com or 303.361.4700.

Source: Pinnacol Assurance, https://www.pinnacol.com/.

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Additional Silica Information from OSHA:  Visit the silica webpage for guidance on complying with the standard, as well as information on silica sampling and analysis, health effects of silica exposure, and answers to frequently asked questions.  Click link below.



CRAtrainingcenterFACILITY RENTAL AVAILABLE – We just want to remind all of you that CRA’s Training Center is available for your next employee/installer training, certification class or product demonstration. Whether you need to teach a new installation technique, train a new crew or showcase a new product, CRA’s training space offers you a ‘roofer friendly’ indoor environment with class space for up to 30 individuals.

The CRA Training Center is located at 1660 Jasper Street, Unit I in Aurora, CO and is designed specifically for roofers and roofing applications. The space can be used for all types of steep and low slope materials and roofing systems. We are ‘application friendly’ and there is no need for you to travel from a seminar room to the parking lot. You will be required to sign a rental agreement.  Contact Debbie Hathorne for more information/details.

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TRAINING CENTER | CALL FOR INSTRUCTORS – CRA is establishing a part-time instructor pool for its CRA Training Center and courses. Part-time instructors work under the supervision of the CRA Education/Training Committee, CRA Board and CRA instructional team. Instructors blend their technical and trades expertise with the experience or desire to develop and guide future roofing industry trade professionals. Instructors demonstrate—through hands-on training and classroom instruction—proper technique, safety and detail which are essential skills of polished trades professionals. While, working side-by-side with students, they instill confidence, integrity and pride in students for their futures jobs/careers within the industry.  Contact Debbie at CRA  for more information.



National Update: Worth sharing … from Reid Ribble & NRCA.

Summer is a busy time for NRCA. As an association of members, NRCA takes seriously the importance of member leadership. This is demonstrated in our committee structure where volunteers from throughout the world come to Chicago every July as part of NRCA’s Midyear Meetings to help shape the work staff does on your behalf.

The committees tackle topics such as risk management, education, technical services, membership and certification among others. Each committee is led by a volunteer chairman who keeps the agenda moving forward. More than 100 of your fellow members volunteer their time, energy and wisdom with the NRCA staff to improve the environment in which we work and live.

NRCA Chairman of the Board Kent Schwickert added three new committees this year, and I am excited about them. The first focuses on implementing the 2018 NRCA strategic plan. All too often, organizations go through the strategic planning process to define where they are going. Then, after the plan is finished, published and distributed, it simply ends up on a shelf never to be seen again. Simultaneously, those who wrote it get to say they achieved a goal and usually feel good about that accomplishment. Former Chairman of the Board Jim Barr and Chairman Schwickert decided to go in a different direction and instead assigned a committee of committed volunteers to help keep the organization on track in executing the plan.

This is a new and different approach. It will add accountability. It will add metrics for us to measure our progress and—maybe most important in an era of limited resources—it will become a needed filter. NRCA’s committee structure often creates dozens of new ideas and potential initiatives for NRCA. However, we rarely step back and ask whether those new ideas or initiatives fit within the framework of what our members told us they want us to do. That’s what the strategic planning process was all about. It was a process of discovery. We took our lead from members when the plan was developed. Now, the committee will use the plan as a needed filter to make sure NRCA is prioritizing its work properly and moving the organization forward to the fulfillment of the plan. The committee will provide the guardrails we desperately need.

Another committee, which will be chaired by NRCA board member Rudy Gutierrez, will focus on diversity. Nationally, our demographics are changing. The roofing industry is not exempt from those changes. This committee will look at those demographic changes and help us develop a long-term plan to adjust to this coming change. For example, we know our population is aging. How does (or, maybe even more important, how should) NRCA engage millennials in ways that are meaningful and in a manner that encourages them to be a part of what we are doing?

We also know our industry and, in some ways, NRCA have not always been effective in engaging women. It should come as no surprise an organization like National Women in Roofing has emerged. It saw a huge demographic hole and sought a way to fill it. This committee will study and recommend how NRCA can better involve women.

We know in many parts of the U.S. the roofing industry has a predominantly minority work force. These workers likely will be some of tomorrow’s industry leaders. We need to make sure they know NRCA is a home for them, too. It’s a big project as we confront not just who we are but also who we will be in the future. This committee fits perfectly within NRCA’s strategic plan and will help secure our future. Important work indeed.

The third committee, Industry Outreach and Image Committee, will focus on developing and implementing strategies to address the roofing industries’ challenges and opportunities associated with its image. The committee will work to influence the visibility of NRCA and the industry by providing support and ideas for National Roofing Week, workforce development efforts, as well as public relations and outreach initiatives.

But let me be clear: I highlight these new initiatives without the intent of diminishing the rest of the important work NRCA does. We continue to move forward on worker certification and our technical committees keep a close eye on building code changes and continue to update our technical manuals. Now, we are translating our technical manuals into Spanish. The Executive Committee also endorsed the idea of making Roofing Day in D.C. an annual event. We now can move forward in a more deliberate, strategic way to engage policy makers on what matters most for the roofing industry.

# # #

NRCA recently released two updated publications for your technical library: NRCA Guidelines for Architectural Metal Flashings provides comprehensive information about metal flashings used in low- and steep-slope roof systems, and NRCA Guidelines for Condensation and Air Leakage Control provides information regarding moisture and air leakage issues in buildings, such as ventilation for steep-slope roof assemblies and condensation control for low-slope roof systems. NRCA members enjoy free downloads of all publications. To purchase a hard copy, go to shop.nrca.net.


This month’s highlighted member benefits and tools. 

Start Marketing Your CRA Membership to Consumers!  A beneficial marketing tool for you to use in promoting your CRA membership to customers. Just click on the link, print as many as you need and start using in your sales packets and presentations right away.

Concerning Ladder Liability.  Help us in educating consumers and concerned citizens about the liability and risks involved with unattended ladders set for inspectors.

CRA Safety Group Workers’ Comp Program.  Receive a 4%-upfront discount, group or individual loss history dividend calculation and much, much more. Members of the program automatically belong to the CRA Safety Group whose focus is on continuing safety education and training and improving safety in the roofing community. In partnership with Moody Insurance Agency and Pinnacol Assurance. Call Kim Burkhardt. at 303-824-6600 to receive additional information regarding this program. 

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