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President's Message

Amy Hawkins/VP Guest Author

Since the beginning of my adventures in the roofing world (which was 28 years ago this month!) I’ve been aware that one of the biggest challenges facing our industry is an ongoing labor shortage. Roofing installers, on average, are older than the overall US workforce, and as our workers continue to age, there are fewer people interested in joining the ranks of our profession.  Bill Good, CEO of the NRCA, noted in a recent article titled ‘The Workforce Dilemma – What to Do?’, that the average age of a first-day-on-the-job apprentice roofer is 29.6 yrs. old. Wow! Starting out at almost 30 years old – it would appear that we are not doing a fabulous job of getting the word out to the younger generation that roofing is a viable option, a valuable profession and a worthy career!

I’m happy to say that the CRA Education Committee’s next venture begins to address this very issue.  Reaching out to high school grads with a new program specifically designed for quick training and turnaround into a good paying job, we hope to provide an alternative opportunity for kids who aren’t college bound.

This is just one step that industry experts agree must occur in an effort to turn the current tide. Not only do we need to reach out to younger workers and show them the positive aspects of a job in the roofing industry – high demand, steady work, good pay, varied outdoor work environment to name a few – but we need to create and maintain a working environment where people want to go each day. We need to provide training & incentives for people to feel comfortable and stay for the long term.  We need to provide an actual career path so that they can see and work toward their future – which in turn, is OUR future.

And yet, even as we continue to bemoan the lack of young people wanting to engage in the roofing profession, I see all around me an effort to remove the very career path that used to be available to those who were willing to work hard and learn the business. As payroll taxes, health insurance premiums and a myriad of workplace mandates continue to escalate, it appears that a trending solution for business owners is to relegate their used-to-be employees to the status of independent contractors.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m neither judging nor advocating for one particular business model over another. I’m just pointing out that we can’t really cry over spilled milk while knocking over the jug!  (Is that a real phrase?) We can’t complain that nobody wants to be a roofer, and then offer up a job where there are no benefits, no opportunity for growth, and a position where you not only have to take care of doing the physical labor, but also your own insurance, safety equipment, billing, scheduling, etc. – because that’s what you do when you’re your own deal – an ‘Independent Contractor’.  From that perspective, I gotta say – why would you want to jump into this employment pool?

If we want young people to see the Roofing Industry as a legitimate career option, we have to be willing to help pave that path.  28 years ago when I jumped in with both feet, the rules of the game were different but our profession was just as relevant & necessary as it is today. The labor shortage has been and will continue to be a challenge.  But ensuring that we recruit and retain people who care about this industry is a challenge that we must all face as well. Our success, our future, depends greatly on how we perceive their success and their future. I hope that the visions align and that we all, collectively, come out on top (no pun intended – well, maybe…)

Thanks Ray, for allowing me the guest opinion this month!

Amy Hawkins
Boulder Roofing, Inc.
CRA Vice-President
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34th Annual CRA Golf Tournament – Aug 19, 2016 Early Bird Deadline is July 15th!

CRA GOLF TOURNAMENT – FRIDAY, AUGUST 19, 2016. – Join us  for the 34th Annual CRA Golf Tournament to be held at West Woods Golf Club at 6655 Quaker Street in Arvada, CO.  

We have an exciting event planned that’s sure to offer you a fun and competitive round of golf with friends and roofing associates alike! West Woods Golf Course has 27 holes of golf which allows us to have 216 golfers on the course at one time. All golfers will be playing 18 holes of golf with a tee off at 8:00 am on three different rotations. West Woods has 3 unique 9-hole courses; the Sleeping Indian, Cottonwood and Silo. The 27-hole format breaks down in the following way – 1/3 of our players will play Sleeping Indian/Cottonwood, 1/3 on Cottonwood/Silo, and 1/3 on Silo/Sleeping Indian.

Tournament highlights include: 18 Holes – scramble format, golf cart, range balls, bag handling, goodie bag, breakfast burritos, lunch, awards & raffle ceremony.  Plus… you can participate in the following contests: hole-in-one prize, closest to the pin (men and women), longest drive (men and women), ball-on-the-green, speed hole, chipping and dice roll contests.

SIGN UP TODAY!  We will max the tournament at 216 players. All reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.  Early Bird Prices End July 15, 2016 (payment and registration must be received by this date to receive discount – no exceptions).

Click here for tournament information, player fees, online registration, sponsor information, etc.

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Click here to view the full 2016 Event Calendar – calendar includes additional event dates, member luncheons, pinpoint seminars, Training Center courses, etc.

Legislative Watch – Although no major legislation was passed affecting our industry at the state level during the 2016 Colorado Legislative session that ended last month, we are going to be watching and sharing information on Colorado’s Amendment 69 (slated for the November Ballot).  We also wanted to share information on an immigration bill that has been introduced at the Federal level.

IN COLORADO:  Amendment 69 – Universal Health Care (ColoradoCare) Ballot Initiative 20.  This $25 Billion Universal Health Care measure has already been approved for the November ballot.  The proposal will essentially double the state budget and would be funded in part by 10% taxes – 6.6 from employers, 3.3 from employees (10% from the self-employed).   The newest rumor surfacing is that this initiative will roll Workers Compensation coverage into the planned healthcare system as well.  As soon as we have more details on this new detail, we will share it with you.  In the meantime, please take the time to review the following information if you have not already done so in order to familiarize yourself with Amendment 69.

What is ColoradoCare? Amendment 69 is a ballot initiative that would create a state-run, universal healthcare system.

What would it replace? ColoradoCare would eliminate the entire health insurance industry in Colorado and all State and Federal healthcare programs like workers’ compensation, Medicaid, Children’s Basic Health and Colorado Health Benefit Exchange.

Who would run it? – Residents would elect 21 trustees who would be responsible for all operations.

What about the Colorado Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR)? – ColoradoCare is designed to operate outside of state government, and is exempt from TABOR

For more information on Amendment 69/ColoradoCare Initiative, visit www.coloradansforcoloradans.com.

IN WASHINGTON:  Senator Flake (R-AZ) introduces new visa for less-skilled workers. Virtually no one in Washington expects immigration reform to move on Capitol Hill before the election, but a number of lawmakers are working to lay the groundwork for a renewed debate in 2017. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona has focused on the issue of less-skilled non-farm workers, and his new legislative proposal, introduced in April, would create a pilot program to grant visas to foreigners seeking work in cities and counties where the unemployment rate is less than 5 percent. The program would grow and shrink with the business cycle, starting from a baseline of 65,000 visas a year and growing potentially to 85,000 visas. Unlike in a conventional worker visa program, employers and employees would not be tied to each other for the duration of the worker’s stay in the U.S. – visa-holders could move freely from job to job, working for any employer who had tested the labor market and been unable to hire enough willing and able American workers. The federal government would study the effects of the program on U.S. workers and local economic conditions, and 10 years after passage, Congress would be asked to decide whether or not to renew the program. (Please click here for a brief summary of the legislation, and click here to read the bill.)  Flake introduces guest worker program to address visa problems KTAR News, 4-21-16

Please feel free to contact our Government Relations Chair, Rick Rosendahl, if you are aware of legislation not listed above that you would like us to look into or have any questions on the issues covered in this section.

Rick Rosendahl
B&M Roofing of Colorado
CRA Gov’t Relations Chair
Email Rick


codenewsupdatesMULTIPLE LAYERS –  The Building Code Committee is starting to hear reports of several jurisdictions going back to allowing multiple layers due to the changes coming from the 2015 Code.  We feel this change is stemming from both homeowners and insurance agents that don’t want to pay the cost to tear down to the deck.  Although these two see this as a cost savings, we are starting to see it cause problems.  One of our committee members just in the last month has seen two homes were metal was installed over asphalt shingles.  Have you run into homes were damage is being caused because multiple-layers were installed improperly?  We want to hear from you! We feel this may become a bigger issue and need you to send us examples of ‘evidence of harm’ so that we can plead our case to the building departments to stay with a 1-layer only requirement.  Please email Debbie Hathorne your examples.

# # #

Have you heard of upcoming building code changes? Please share them with us by emailing the BC&S Committee via Debbie at debbie@coloradoroofing.org. The CRA Building Code & Standards Committee is tasked to represent our members in code, inspection and enforcement issues related to the roofing industry and to facilitate improved communication between the roofing industry and Colorado Building Departments and Code Officials. Through the Code Guidelines on the CRA Website and in this monthly column, committee members share Building Department news and updates.


PR/Marketing Committee Update – The PR Committee has been working hard the past few months to support the mission of the association by kicking off our advertising efforts  to educate members and the general public while maintaining a POSTIVE IMAGE of the roofing industry. In addition to our summer “Select a Trusted Roofer” Campaign, we were excited to announce this month that we are also involved in an anti-roofing fraud campaign with several other agencies.

#NoRoofScams – No Roof Scams Anti-Fraud Campaign – The Colorado Roofing Association is excited to announce our participation along with 7 other non-profit, government and business organizations in a new public education campaign called No Roof Scams.  We have joined together with the common goal to educate both home and business owners on what to look for in a professional roofing contractor and sharing information/resources on how to avoid scams and roofing fraud here in Colorado. The organizations involved include:

  • Better Business Bureau – Denver/Boulder
  • Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
  • Colorado Division of Insurance (Division of Regulatory Agencies)
  • Colorado Roofing Association
  • Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety
  • National Insurance Crime Bureau
  • Property Casualty Insurance Association of America
  • Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association

The social media based campaign’s goal is to sound an alarm during severe weather season about the spike in roofing fraud and arm Colorado homeowners with information to protect themselves against being victimized by roofing scams. Help us spread the word by using #NoRoofScams and sharing anti-fraud advice, resources and messages.

Click here to read the full press release.  Be sure to help us spread the word this summer!  More information will be available next month including a website with tips and resources.

Summer “Select a Trusted Colorado Roofer” Campaign – (www.TrustedColoradoRoofers.com) – From May through October, the CRA is running a billboard and Facebook marketing campaign urging Colorado home and building owners to take the appropriate steps in selecting a trusted roofing contractor, especially in the event of hail or storm damage.  Learn more at our campaign landing page here. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.21.45 PM
2016 CRA Billboard – Look for them around town!



WELCOME 5 New Members(s). 5 Star Roofing & Home Improvement, 1350 West 8th St, Loveland, CO 80537, Ph: 970-663-3305 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res); American Heritage Restoration, 3380 S. Knox Ct., Englewood CO 80122, Ph: 303-741-2561 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res); Four Seasons Awning, 2100 W. College Ave, Englewood CO 80110, Ph: 303-722-1200 (Trade Services/Accessories – Awnings); Bison Innovative Products,2395 W. 4th Avenue, Denver CO 80223, Ph: 303-892-0400 (Trade Services/Accessories – Deck Materials/Amenities); Watershed Roofing & Restoration, 1360 S Wadsworth Blvd, #116, Lakewood CO 80232, Ph: 720-643-5033 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res).

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wsrca2016expoWestern Roofing Expo 2016 – June 12 to June 14 in Las Vegas, NV.  Plan to attend “The Largest Roofing Expo presented by Roofing Contractors for the Roofing Industry” – the Western Roofing Expo 2016 – your once-a-year opportunity to maximize your company’s productivity, efficiency and profitability! The Western Roofing Expo focuses on the western region of the United States and the specific needs that roofing and waterproofing contractors face in these areas. Discover the latest trends, technology and best practices for your roofing business. From top suppliers and unique resources to unbeatable networking and the best educational conference in the business – the Western Roofing Expo brings it all together for you like no other event can. For more information, go to: http://wsrca.com.



FACILITY RENTAL AVAILABLE – We just want to remind all of you that CRA’s Training Center is available for your next employee/installer training, certification class or product demonstration. Whether you need to teach a new installation technique, train a new crew or showcase a new product, CRA’s training space offers you a ‘roofer friendly’ indoor environment with class space for up to 30 individuals.

The CRA Training Center is located at 1660 Jasper Street, Unit I in Aurora, CO and is designed specifically for roofers and roofing applications. The space can be used for all types of steep and low slope materials and roofing systems. We are ‘application friendly’ and there is no need for you to travel from a seminar room to the parking lot.



Summer Roofing Safety Tips for Contractors and Crews – The heat is on, so as the busy summer season starts, remember to practice safe roofing to prevent accidents, uphold OSHA guidelines, minimize mishaps that lead to down time, and keep yourself and your crew cool, comfortable and safe. Click here for tips and resources.

Silica/Tracking Workplace Injuries – OSHA has issued the final rules for Respirable Crystalline Silica and Improved Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses.  Click here for the Region VIII Spring newsletter with information on both rules and how to navigate them.



The unending wave of government regulations continues, most recently from the Department of Labor (DOL).  On May 18, DOL issued its final rule regarding overtime payments. The new rule will go into effect Dec. 1, 2016, and applies to all businesses subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act—virtually all businesses. The rule:

  • Sets a new salary level for the executive, administrative and professional exemptions to Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rules at $913 per week, or $47,476 annually (The current threshold is $455 per week, or $23,660 annually.)
  • Makes no changes to the “duties test” as it currently exists
  • Requires the salary threshold be updated every three years and tied to the 40th percentile of full-time salaried workers in the lowest-wage region of U.S.
  • Allows employers to use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments to satisfy up to 10 percent of the standard salary level; however, those payments must be made on a quarterly (or more frequent) basis.

NRCA opposed this rule as it was being developed. NRCA expects the net result will be the people the rule is trying to help will be the ones who suffer the most. Many small businesses simply won’t be able to afford the new overtime pay without reducing their staffs.

Not to be outdone, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a final rule requiring employers to submit injury and illness records electronically to the agency. Those records then will be posted on the Internet for public inspection. When the new rule goes into effect next year, companies with 250 or more employees in covered industries (including roofing) must electronically submit OSHA Forms 300, 300A and 301 to OSHA annually, and companies with 20-249 employees will be required to submit OSHA Form 300A annually.

NRCA also opposed this rule because of concerns about the possible misuse of the information by third parties, inadvertent public disclosure of private employee information, and significant new costs without any discernible safety or health benefit.

In May, NRCA had the opportunity to testify at a congressional hearing on the new reporting rule; NRCA member Lisa Sprick, Corvallis, Ore., represented NRCA at the hearing and made the case that complying with all these new rules makes it virtually impossible for her company to devote the time and energy necessary to actually make job sites safer.

And NRCA still are sorting through the new (as of March 25) OSHA rule regulating occupational exposure to crystalline silica. The rule, which will be enforced beginning June 23, 2017, sets a permissible exposure limit that is one-fifth the current level. NRCA is planning to conduct air-monitoring tests to develop “objective data,” which contractors would be able to use to demonstrate many roofing operations don’t require new work practices or personal protective equipment.

NRCA still are awaiting final rules from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) concerning the commercial use of drones; they are expected to be issued as early as this month. In the meantime, FAA has granted approval for the first nighttime commercial drone operation in the U.S. to SkyBEAM unmanned aerial vehicles from Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance. SkyBEAM also is approved to operate during the day. The device uses high-definition video and thermographic (infrared) cameras to locate potential energy leaks, rooftop damage, deteriorating facades, safety issues and other potential problems.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking public comment on the efficiency, costs, benefits and impact of its R-value rule. Issued in 1979, the rule requires home insulation manufacturers, professional installers, new home sellers and retailers to provide R-value information, based on the results of standard tests, to help inform consumers. The FTC contact is Hampton Newsome, who can be reached at (202) 326-2889.


This month’s highlighted member benefits and tools. 

  • Start Marketing Your CRA Membership to Consumers!  A beneficial marketing tool for you to use in promoting your CRA membership to customers. Just click on the link, print as many as you need and start using in your sales packets and presentations right away.
  • Concerning Ladder Liability.  Help us in educating consumers and concerned citizens about the liability and risks involved with unattended ladders set for inspectors.
  • CRA Safety Group Workers’ Comp Program.  Receive a 4% upfront discount, group or individual loss history dividend calculation and much, much more. Members of the program automatically belong to the CRA Safety Group whose focus is on continuing safety education and training and improving safety in the roofing community. In partnership with Moody Insurance Agency and Pinnacol Assurance. Call Kim Burkhardt. at 303-824-6600 to receive additional information regarding this program. 
  • CRA Dental Program.  CRA program offers a choice of competitive dental plan through Delta Dental. Brought to you in partnership with Employee Benefit Designs. Contact Jerry Ressatar for more information at 303-220-8209. 
  • busybusy.com Smartphone App.  Receive 5% member discount and 30-day free trial. This tool provides a mobile time sheet app that helps your employees more accurately track their time, report their location and record the projects they are working on all while saving your company money! Call Pete Scifo at 303-759-8235.

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