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President's Message

The April spring showers came early this year.  It was certainly a welcome sight to get some moisture in the metro area.  I know my lawn needed it, and it really helps with our repair division.  It’s been a little slower lately on our repair side because the roofs just weren’t leaking. I guess it is one of those “out of sight – out of mind” situations.  I always like the customers that must have you out right away and want the leak fixed that day. When you get there and look at the roof leak, you can tell the leak has been going on for a couple of years and you say to yourself, “Really? Now it’s an emergency?”. I had a funny phone call about a leak a month ago, although, not quite so funny for my customer.  They called up and told me that they had a leak in the kitchen ceiling and I thought to myself, “it hasn’t snowed in a week? How could there be a leak?”.  When I got over to their place, there was no snow on the roof, nor any water in the gutters.  When they took me inside to the kitchen, it was still leaking from the ceiling. Come to find out, the original builder ran the water lines in the roof attic and then down the wall. It must have finally frozen enough to cause a crack in the water line.  On a side note; if you haven’t been roofing for a very long time, you’ll come to realize that it is always the ‘roofer’s fault’.

I want to thank everyone for coming to the March CRA Luncheon; it was a great turn out.  Thank you to Change Point Consulting Co. and Patrick Kelly for a great presentation.  I was told it was time well spent from everyone that attended.  I also want to thank our CRA/VIP Jeff Johnston for filling in for me, as well as our lunch sponsors Brandon Dodge on Broadway and Dupont Tyvek Protec. Be sure to join us at our next lunch being held on May 11th (see invite below).

Now on to my main topic that I’ve been wanting to bring up for a while, but we’ve had so many great thing happening at the CRA in first part of the year that I just haven’t been able to fit it into one of my articles. I apologize for that and apologize to the people that it has been effecting.

It has been brought to the CRA’s attention that there has been a huge shingle theft problem going on along the Front Range for over a year or so.  One of the local new stations did a report back on March 11th, 2016. (Thieves taking advantage of housing boom in Colorado Roofing… www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/roofing-thieves ).

We’ve had some of our members ask us to consider this issue and see if there was anything we could do as an association to help on our end. We feel one of the first things we could do is to make all of our members aware of this problem, see if members could help us get more information on the problem and last, find out what members and non-members have been doing or done to combat the problem.

I think if we could gather more information from our members on where, how, and what types of products are being stolen, as well as, look to see if there is any type of pattern the thieves have (i.e., new construction only, at night time only, how long was the material on the roof, certain builders or roofing companies, etc.).  Do our members have any ideas where their product might be going to in the second-hand market?   Someone is buying the product from these thieves and selling it on second-hand market to other people at bargain prices.

One of the stories we have heard is that an individual of a sub-contracting crew was telling the roofing company he worked for that he was short shingles on the job. They later found out that he was stealing some of the shingles from the job site and selling it on the second-hand market.  Then he was telling the roofing company that he was short on the job and that he would go pickup and buy the material and then get reimbursed by the roofing company for the material he picked up. So, not only was the sub-contractor getting money for selling the material to the second-hand market, he was also getting paid by the roofing company for picking up the extra material that was short, which was the same material, he just returned.  For an example let’s say the second-hand market is buying a 30-year shingle for $40.00 a square and then sells it for $60.00 a square. The average 30-year shingle is being sold by distributors for around $85.00 square; so, the sub-contracting crew makes $40.00 square and then gets reimbursed from the roofing company for $85.00 square, which equals = $125.00. Not a bad gig, if you can get it.

The other problem is that if there is any extra material left over on the job, the sub-contracting crew is taking the extra material to the second-hand market and pocketing the money, which belongs to the roofing company.  It’s not right, but I guess it’s better than brand new bundles of shingles getting thrown away at the landfill because the sub-contractor gets paid by the square, and if he has any extra square(s) left on the project, it gets deducted from the total job squares.

One of our CRA contractors is now marking the bundles that are coming off the delivery truck to try to track the material better and find out it if it gets stolen and sold on the second -hand market.  If you have any other suggestions that have been working for you, please let us know so we can past it on to the rest of the membership

The other problem we see is that the material is being stolen in one city or county and being sold in another and the police and sheriffs don’t seem to want to jump through the hoops it takes to make it a joint investigation.  I think if we could gather up as much information as we can and then try and present it to a legal authority they might be willing to take it on.  We will also need some of our members that are getting material stolen from their job site to help us take the lead on this issue.

I hope that we can all come together and come up with some type of solution that will help cut down on the shingle theft.  Please forward me any information you might have that you think might help on this issue.


Ray Phillips
RTP Roofing Company
CRA President
Email Ray

THANK YOU to our 2017 Sponsors!

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2017 COLORADO LEGISLATION UPDATE – With the 2017 legislative session winding down, the CRA continues to monitor and work with the Colorado Contractors Coalition (CCC) to review and monitor bills of importance to the construction industry.  The following bills stand out and are worth mentioning to the CRA membership.

SB17-156 | ‘Concerning prerequisites to the authority of a unit owners’ association to pursue resolution of disputes involving construction defects.’ Sponsors Senator Owen Hill (R: Co. Springs) & Representative Cole Wist (R: Centennial).  On March 7, 2017, SB17-156 passed the Colorado Senate and has moved on to the House of Representatives where it has been assigned to the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs (a “kill” committee).  The bill will require condominium disputes to proceed through arbitration, rather than through the court system.  It would also mandate written consent of a majority of homeowners in the HOA prior to a claim, as well as requiring the disclosure of projected costs, duration & financial impact of a CD claim.   We Still Want/Need Your Help . . . Please take a moment and fill in your information through the take action link below so that your Representative will receive your message directly.  (You may share your own message or use the one that is already provided.) SB156 TAKE ACTION!

SB17-45 | ‘Concerning a requirement for equitable allocation of the costs of defending a construction defect claim.’  Sponsors include Speaker of the House, Crisanta Duran (D) & President of the Senate, Kevin Grantham (R).   The bill threatens to substantially reduce insurance coverage available to construction professionals and substantially increase a construction professional’s litigation costs. As of the date of this advisory the Bill has not been heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee.  The CCC is actively talking with legislators to determine our position.  The bill needs to be amended and there is fear that if this bill is killed it may wipe out all other Construction Defect reform introduced this session.

SB17-204 | Improper Denial of Property & Casualty Claims. Sponsors Senator Kevin Priola (R) & Representative Polly Lawrence (R). This bill would take away the ability for a third party to claim double damages and attorney fees ‘on behalf of’ an insured – the homeowner.  At this time, the bill has passed through the Senate and is now in the House assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee on 4/4/17.  Click here for the full text of the bill.

HB17-1119 | Payment Of Workers’ Compensation BenefitsSponsors Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp (D), Sen. Jack Tate (R), Sen. Cheri Jahn (D) . This bill creates the “Colorado Uninsured Employer Act,” a fund meant to help cover claims made by workers who are injured while working for an employer who does not carry workers’ compensation insurance. The fund is fed by penalties paid by those employers that do not carry workers’ compensation insurance. This bill was amended and passed out of the House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor and into the  House Committee on Finance.

And, on the Federal Level…

Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017 | Urge Colorado Senators Bennet & Gardner to Support the Regulatory Accountability Act (RAA). This legislation will reduce regulatory burdens on employers by reforming the federal regulatory process, which has not been updated in more than 70 years. RAA passage will rein in agency abuse and minimize burdensome regulations. It will provide relief to businesses by reversing the trend of constantly increasing regulatory burdens.  ‎Click here to contact Sen. Cory Gardner |  Click here to contact ‎Sen. Michael Bennet

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or hear of other legislation you are concerned about and would like us to follow!  There is a lot out there that we are keeping an eye on!

Jeff Johnston
The Roofing Company
CRA Gov’t Relations Chair
Email Jeff


YOU’RE INVITED | NRCA’s ROOFING INDUSTRY REGIONAL SUMMIT | APRIL 25 | LITTLTEON, CO (Denver) – The Roofing Industry Regional Summit is the perfect platform to interact with some of the best and brightest roofing professionals. CRA works closely with NRCA in our common mission to be the “voice of the roofing industry.”  We keep you informed at the local level and NRCA is the leading authority at the national level for current information, education, and technology developments in the roofing industry. NRCA is coming to Denver (Littleton) on April 25 and you don’t want to miss the chance to come LISTEN and LEARN from TOP INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS who will discuss current topics and critical challenges facing the roofing industry. We hope you to take advantage of this one-day learning experience regardless of your affiliation with NRCA. Everyone in Colorado’s roofing industry is invited and encouraged to attend. Click here for more information, schedule of events and/or to register.

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LEARN TO LEAD: GUARANTEED TO SUCCEED | MEMBERSHIP LUNCH | THURSDAY, MAY 11, 2017 – Presented by Richard J. Bryan, Author, Keynote Speaker.  Richard J. Bryan led his $120 million business to great success applying the lessons he learned from his mentor, Frank.  Richard took the reins of a 100 year old, $120 million, family owned, car and truck dealership after his father was forced to retire suddenly.  That alone was a challenge.  Worse, the business was losing $3.5 million a year and there was no plan.  After a difficult start and many mistakes Richard hired business mentor, Frank.  With Frank’s help Richard clearly defined his role as a leader, forged a team of trusted A-Players and learned the vital art of succession planning.  He ultimately helped the business survive and then thrive in a highly competitive industry. Today, he shares these simple yet life changing lessons and EMPOWERS leaders to create their own culture of achievement for increased business success. Take your lunchtime – bring your coworkers – and LEARN to DEFINE your leadership role and leverage your unique talents to focus on what only you can accomplish for your company. You will be given the knowledge to help CREATE a compelling vision that INSPIRES organization-wide action,  to CULTIVATE a team of TRUSTED A-Players, LEARN to hire people with future leadership potential and to RETAIN A-Players by having fun and celebrating.

Thursday, May 11, 2017
The Denver Mart – Forum Meeting Room #1
451 E. 58th Ave (I-25 & 58th Ave)
11:30 a.m.

Free: First 2 Members from Same Company | $20: 3 or more Members from Same Company | $40: All Non-Members  | Member CIU’s = 2 per person


REMINDER – Be sure to take advantage of the CRA SPEAKERS and PROGRAMS. These seminars are an inexpensive and quick way to invest in yourself and your TEAM. You and your TEAM don’t want to miss the opportunity to gain valuable tools and tips for yourself and your company!



The following city and/or counties have made updates this past month. Please log-in to the Code Guidelines to see their updates.

BROOMFIELD, BERTHOUD, ESTES PARK, FEDERAL HEIGHTS, LOVELAND, WINDSOR AND WESTMINSTER – As of 3/24/17, all of these municipalities have been reviewed by committee members and updated with current information.

CITY & COUNTY OF DENVER | PERMITTING PROCESS –  Permitting activity in Denver continues at a historic rate, and with it, Denver has been hard at work behind the scenes to improve efficiency.

  • Commercial projects can now apply for zoning and building permits simultaneously. No more waiting for a zoning review before you can log in building plans. Check in for the counter once; submit for both. Learn more here.
  • The permit counter is getting a facelift! Work is expected to be complete in May, and will give us more counter space, a dedicated customer service center, and better signage.
  • Watch for new applications, guides, and a website refresh! As a complement to the residential permitting guides we released in 2016, we will soon be releasing updated application forms and guides for commercial zoning and commercial building permits, which will better reflect the information we need to complete a review and offer greater clarity on permit types and how to apply.

TOWN OF MILLIKEN – the Town of Milliken has a  new Building Code Official, has moved to the 2012 building code and there is an updated roofing handout available.

# # #

Have you heard of any upcoming building code changes with any of the municipalities you work with? Please share them with us by emailing the BC&S Committee via Debbie at debbie@coloradoroofing.org.

The CRA Building Code & Standards Committee is tasked to represent our members in code, inspection and enforcement issues related to the roofing industry and to facilitate improved communication between the roofing industry and Colorado Building Departments and Code Officials. Through the Code Guidelines on the CRA Website and in this monthly column, committee members share Building Department news and updates.


BIG WELCOME To Our New Members(s). CRW, Inc., 1841 W. Harvard Ave., Englewood, CO 80110 Ph: 720-348-0438 (Roofing Contractor – Commercial); Cheyenne Mountain Roofing, LLC, 3336 Adobe Ct., Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Ph: 719-322-4659 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res); Endeavor Exteriors, 7808 Cherry Creek South Drive #301, Denver, CO 80231 Ph: 720-536-8870 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res);  Green Gable Roofing, LLC, 1140 US Hwy 287 Ste 400-181, Broomfield, CO 80020, Ph: 720-504-5023 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res); J Reynolds & Company, Inc., PO Box 1570, Parker, CO 80134, Ph: 866-453-1605 (Roofing Contractor – Commercial); Priority Restoration, Inc., 7340 S. Alton Way 11-J, Ph: 303-660-5133 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res); Revelation Roofing of the Rockies, 2550 S. Copper Frontage Rd #206, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, Ph: 970-846-4385 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res); RW Specialties Inc., 9000 East 96th Ave, Henderson, CO 80640, Ph: 303-289-2226 (Material Supplier), Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors, 6010 West 10th Street Unit C, Greeley, CO 80634, Ph: 970-231-5794 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res) and Wyndhill Roofing, LLC, 4675 Town Center Dr. # 160, Colorado Springs, CO 80916, Ph: 719-344-9724 (Roofing Contractor – Comm/Res).

# # #

CRA Member B&M Roofing Receives Prestigious ESP Award from Carlisle Syntec Systems – Denver (April 12, 2017): In recognition of a track record of excellence in installation, B&M Roofing received the prestigious Carlisle 2017 Excellence in Single-Ply award. Given to a small percentage of contractors, the ESP Award has recognized elite contractors since 1997. It was awarded to B&M Roofing in recognition of years of excellence in single-ply installation, in which its crews completed 542 “Perfect 10” installations, as judged by Carlisle’s independent inspectors. Through the years, B&M Roofing has installed more than 15 million square feet of Carlisle single-ply roofing. The award aligns with B&M Roofing’s ongoing pursuit of roofing excellence, including a company-wide commitment to safety at every workplace, its membership in the Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress and its support of the Colorado Roofing Association’s pursuit of industry-wide professionalism.

# # #

CRA Member Justin Cooper of  Flynn Southwest (Commerce City) wins Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award. – Congratulations to Justin Cooper, service manager for Flynn Group of Companies, Commerce City, Colo., “Justin Cooper is the technician customers call to specifically request, and they will wait until he is available, even when he is on vacation.” Customers provide rave reviews about Cooper, foreman for Flynn, on his outstanding work, reliability and demeanor. For these reasons and many more, Cooper was named a 2017 Most Valuable Player by The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress. Congratulations, Justin!

# # #

Western Roofing Expo 2017 | June 11-13 • Paris Las Vegas – YOU NEED TO BE THERE!– Premier regional roofing and waterproofing event in the WESTERN United States, the Western Roofing Expo 2017 features a two-day trade show, 17 educational seminars, two keynote luncheons, The Roofing Games™, golf and sporting clays tournaments, an amazing welcome party & lively-silent auction, unbeatable networking, and live product demonstrations starting every hour on the trade show floor! CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!


Online Enrollment now open for the following training courses.  Space is limited in all classes so be sure to sign up now!

  • May 11-12, 2017 – METAL ROOFING: 2-day course will to expose students to working with different types of metal, issues to consider and learning proper techniques. Class is intended for students who have background in roofing and/or for installers who have not yet worked with sheet metal. REGISTER NOW.
  • May 18-19, 2017 – TPO/EPDM:  2-day course intended for installers who are newer to the industry who are seeking in depth knowledge of TPO and EPDM systems as well as learning proper installation methods for membranes and flashings.  REGISTER NOW.

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FACILITY RENTAL AVAILABLE – We just want to remind all of you that CRA’s Training Center is available for your next employee/installer training, certification class or product demonstration. Whether you need to teach a new installation technique, train a new crew or showcase a new product, CRA’s training space offers you a ‘roofer friendly’ indoor environment with class space for up to 30 individuals.

The CRA Training Center is located at 1660 Jasper Street, Unit I in Aurora, CO and is designed specifically for roofers and roofing applications. The space can be used for all types of steep and low slope materials and roofing systems. We are ‘application friendly’ and there is no need for you to travel from a seminar room to the parking lot. You will be required to sign a rental agreement.  Contact Debbie Hathorne for more information/details.


PLEASE SUPPORT NATIONAL SAFETY STAND-DOWN WEEK | MAY 8-12, 2017 | LET’S JOIN TOGETHER, “TAKE A STAND,” AND GET INFORMED TO PREVENT ANY FUTURE FALLS FROM HAPPENING! – CRA is proud to participate with OSHA and many others across the country in the roofing and construction industries to promote and recognize the National Safety Stand-Down on May 8-12 and to remember the lives lost. Here in Colorado we have lost a roofer in both 2015 and 2016 dues to a fall from a roof.  One from a commercial project and the other as a result of a residential roofing fall.  Please get informed to prevent any future falls!!

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event where employers talk directly to employees about safety. Companies can conduct a Safety Stand-Down by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity. Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees, accounting for 350 of the 937 construction fatalities recorded in 2015 (BLS data). Those deaths were preventable and the National Fall Prevention Stand-Down raises fall hazard awareness across the country in an effort to stop fall fatalities and injuries.

Managers are encouraged to plan a stand-down that works best for their workplace anytime during May 8-12, 2017.  Our hope is that you will take a break each day or at least once during the week to have a safety toolbox talk on fall prevention or to conduct another safety activity (i.e. develop a rescue plan, inspect equipment or discuss a specific job hazard).  Click here for more information and a list of Stand Down Resources.  

# # #

Source: NRCA and Photo from http://elcosh.org

OSHA DELAYS ENFORCEMENT OF CRYSTALLINE SILICA STANDARD – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced a delay in enforcement of the crystalline silica standard that applies to the construction industry so OSHA can conduct additional outreach and provide educational materials and guidance for employers. The agency has determined that additional guidance is necessary because of the unique nature of the requirements in the construction standard. Originally scheduled to begin June 23, enforcement now will begin Sept. 23. OSHA expects employers in the construction industry to continue to take steps either to come into compliance with the new permissible exposure limit or to implement specific dust controls for certain operations as provided in Table 1 of the standard. Construction employers also should continue to prepare to implement the standard’s other requirements, including exposure assessment, medical surveillance and employee training. “Although the delay in enforcement is welcome, additional time is needed for a majority of employers in the construction industry to begin to comply with this significant regulation’s complex requirements,” says Harry Dietz, an NRCA director of enterprise risk management.



National Update:  On behalf of NRCA, Reid Ribble has been on a whirlwind tour visiting other leaders in the roofing industry. He has attended meetings with SPRI, the Polysiocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association, Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, Institute of Building and Home Safety, EPDM Roofing Association and RCI Inc. His message to them all has been the same: We all become more influential when we speak with one voice and have one common message. Ultimately, this will lead to a national “fly-in” event to Washington, D.C., where we can meet and discuss roofing industry concerns with national leaders. Numbers matter in Washington, so NRCA hopes you will make every effort to attend. More details will be coming soon.

Speaking of Washington, the U.S. House of Representatives tried to replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) with new legislation Republicans claimed would reduce prices and increase more options for citizens as they seek health care services. As you have heard, this did not work.

At the White House, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has put the president’s words into numbers as he prepared President Trump’s first “skinny” budget. A skinny budget is used by all presidents during their first year in place of a full budget proposal, which will follow. It’s basically an outline of the president’s primary policy proposals put into a budget format. Budgets are value statements. As far as Trump’s goes, there really is nothing there. The president’s budget is universally disregarded by Congress, and even though Republicans control both chambers, there is no chance this budget will go anywhere.

That’s good news for the roofing industry. Some proposed cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, for example, would dramatically affect roofing work and maintenance spending at the agency. This is equally true for other departments, as well.

Plans are under way for National Roofing Week, which will be held June 4-10. This year, thanks to NRCA’s National Roofing Week sponsors, all contractor members will be receiving National Roofing Week kits, which will help explain ways to get involved, as well as provide detailed information about the social media campaign and how to be a part of it. More information can be found at www.nrca.net/National-Roofing-Week or by contacting Charlotte Norgaard at the office.

Registration is open for the National Roofing Legal Resource Center’s 38th annual seminar in Colorado Springs, Colo., at the Broadmoor Sept 7- 9. Space fills up fast, so don’t miss out. Anne Schroeder or Alison LaValley at the NRCA office can provide more details.

Other upcoming events include NRCA’s Roofing Industry Regional Summit April 25 in Littleton, Colo., sponsored by the Colorado Roofing Association, contact our Customer Service Department or go to www.nrca.net/education.

NRCA has been busy focusing their attention on their new roofing worker certification program. By creating “certified” installers similar to what other construction industries have done, NRCA will demonstrate roofing careers await everyone interested, and put ourselves on par with other construction trades. Stay tuned.


This month’s highlighted member benefits and tools. 

Start Marketing Your CRA Membership to Consumers!  A beneficial marketing tool for you to use in promoting your CRA membership to customers. Just click on the link, print as many as you need and start using in your sales packets and presentations right away.

Concerning Ladder Liability.  Help us in educating consumers and concerned citizens about the liability and risks involved with unattended ladders set for inspectors.

CRA Safety Group Workers’ Comp Program.  Receive a 4%-upfront discount, group or individual loss history dividend calculation and much, much more. Members of the program automatically belong to the CRA Safety Group whose focus is on continuing safety education and training and improving safety in the roofing community. In partnership with Moody Insurance Agency and Pinnacol Assurance. Call Kim Burkhardt. at 303-824-6600 to receive additional information regarding this program. 

CRA Dental Program.  CRA program offers a choice of competitive dental plan through Delta Dental. Brought to you in partnership with Employee Benefit Designs. Contact Jerry Ressatar for more information at 303-220-8209. 

busybusy.com Smartphone App.  Receive 5%-member discount and 30-day free trial. This tool provides a mobile time sheet app that helps your employees more accurately track their time, report their location and record the projects they are working on all while saving your company money! Call Pete Scifo at 303-717-8113.

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